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United Kingdom - Sole Representative Visa

The Representative of an Overseas Business visa (also known as a Sole Representative visa) is intended so that a business outside the United Kingdom can establish a commercial presence by sending over a senior employee as its sole representative.

Forming a Company

We help to set up a genuine active trading company that reflects your skills of the non-EEA national seeking residence and perhaps citizenship in the United Kingdom. We ensure our clients have the best chance of a successful application and the right business support thereafter. We help to establish a branch of the overseas business in the UK or Isle of Man. To meet the requirements of the visa we will ensure that the branch exists as a legal entity and has a bank account and premises. We will help to employ staff and use our business connections wherever possible to help establish the new branch. The applicant will need the relevant qualifications, skills and experience required and must play an active role as a key member of the company. Complying with the requirements will ensure that after just five years, the applicant will be on track for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

How it works

To be a sole representative you must be employed by a parent company in a senior job role and must have the authority to take operational decisions from the UK or Isle of Man. A sole representative cannot be an agent (self-employed), a sales representative, buyer or a secretary/personal assistant accompanying a sole representative. To be eligible as a sole representative you cannot be a majority shareholder — only those with less than a 50% shareholding will be considered.

Key Benefits

  • A sole representative can open a new branch on behalf of the overseas business.
  • Excellent opportunity to expand a business into the lucrative UK and Irish markets.
  • Pathway to Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years representing the parent business and thereafter obtaining a UK passport.
  • A sole representative can bring over their family – their spouse, civil partner, unmarried and dependent children