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German Person of Means Residency Programme

The German immigration law gives the liberty to the local authorities to issue residence permits on its own discretion, if they deem it fit. Federal guidelines suggest that a residence permit may be issued under this article for the purchase of real estate in combination with sufficient personal income and/or assets. Such a residence permit does not grant the right to work, but to live and carry out business in Germany. Application for a German residence permit is highly individual as every local authority handles such application in their own way with their own requirements. Some regions or cities might specify higher or lower amounts of investment of required personal assets than others. Especially big cities require higher investment amounts, so that foreigners immigrating to the cities will not take the lower and middle priced living space away from local residents and families.  Resident who has lived in Germany for 5 years can apply in the sixth year of residence for a permanent EU-residence permit.

Minimum Stay Requirement

The German law does require the holder of a residence permit to not leave Germany for a time period of six months, or longer. This means each trip abroad must be shorter than six months. There is no requirement to stay a certain amount of days within the country. Nevertheless it is advisable to spend significant time in Germany.

Route to Citizenship

Citizenship is possible after living in the country for a reasonable amount of time (between 8 - 10 years)

Time Frame

As this procedure is highly individual it requires a negotiation and preparation phase, which takes usually between two and six months, to discuss and negotiate with the local authorities and realtors. The government processing times are usually between two and four months.


  • The applicant has to be 18 years or older.
  • Must purchase or rent a suitable apartment and provide proof thereof. Such purchase or rent must be in place for 5 years before the property can be sold or rental agreement terminated.
  • Demonstrate that applicant have between EUR100,000.00 – EUR 150,000.00 available for the purpose of emigration
  • Each applicant needs to be covered by a German health insurance policy.
  • No language skills are required.
  • Applicant will need an Austrian health insurance.