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German Business Residency Programme

Germany is world’s third largest exporting nation, competing with China and the US. Germany is rightly viewed as a door to the world. With €469 billion  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Germany has also proved itself to be an investment magnet and one of  the top regions for foreign investors. Germany is one  of the main destinations for investment within the  European Union. Entrepreneurs as well as investors  appreciate its educated and efficient workforce,  as well as its political, social and legal security.  

It is important to note that this Entrepreneurial based residency program is only suited for clients who are genuinely interested in setting up a business in Europe. They need to have a profitable business in order to maintain their residency in Germany.

Citizens of non-European Union countries have the  right to undertake business activities in Germany  and to receive a residence permit for this purpose  according to the 21 Residence Act. German law imposes on foreign entrepreneurs who  intend to conduct business activities in Germany

The major requirement for this residency is for clients to show savings of at least EUR 50,000 which they can transfer to the bank account in Germany. In most of the cases this is sufficient. There is no minimum investment amount required. For bigger cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart etc. the clients need to show at least EUR 100,000.

Our team will be on-hand to support you during the entire  process and help you, that your business meets the following requirements.


  • Fulfil the needs of Germany 
  • Have a beneficial economic impact 
  • Be fully covered by the own capital of the client or bank loan 
  • To ensure the sustainability of the business project, the following criteria will also be taken into account:
  • Viability of the business plan 
  • Relevant business experience 
  • Amount to be invested in Germany 
  • Impact of the business project on employment and skills 
  • Contribution of the project to innovation and research