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Portugal Golden Visa Programme

The Portuguese Golden Visa is a residency by investment program that could lead to a citizenship after 5 years. This pathway offers by far the easiest, and in many cases the most attractive route to citizenship of any of the European Golden Visa programs.

This is because most Golden Visa programs require residency holders to spend at least 6 months per year living in the country (or more) for a number of years before becoming eligible to apply for citizenship. Portuguese Citizenship law however not only provides one of the fastest routes to naturalised citizenship in Europe (5 years) but also allows Golden Visa investors to qualify with a minimum stay requirement of just 7 days per year in the country. 

This of course means that Golden Visa investors who spend just one week per year in Portugal each year are eligible to apply for citizenship (Subject to passing a very basic level Portuguese test). On top of this, unlike Bulgaria, Portugal is part of the European Schengen Area which means that Golden Visa residents can enjoy Visa-free travel to the Schengen Area even before obtaining citizenship.

Investors can qualify for the Golden Visa by purchasing real estate with a minimum value of €280,000 located in an area of urban rehabilitation then the minimum investment requirement.

A. D. & Partners has a specialized Golden Visa investment portfolio which includes a number of such renovation projects that qualify for the Golden Visa at the €280,000 and €350,000 mark. Our projects offer incentives such as guaranteed buybacks and guaranteed annual returns.


  • Right to live in Portugal;
  • EU Residence card within 6 months;
  • Free travel within Schengen;
  • PR or citizenship after 5 years of residency;
  • Low minimum stay requirment; 7 days in the first years;
  • Familiy members included;