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Latvia Golden Residency Programme

The Latvia residency permit is the cheapest residency by investment for an EU country. The Latvian law permit investment in the equity capital of a Latvian company for a period of 5 years to get a permanent residence permit. The investor MUST invest a minimum €50,000 into a business that pays a minimum tax value of €10,000 per year consistently for the last 3 years. A legal investment agreement with the investment company, and transfer of the company shares of not less than 10% of the company's total shares MUST be executed.

We have relationships with some Latvian companies where the investment is guaranteed for 5 years. The company guarantees the repayment of the investment after 5 years, and also pays a yearly return on the investment for as long as the investment is active. The permit gives visa free access to all the Schengen area.

Minimum Stay Requirement

The biggest benefit of this residency permit is that you don't need to relocate - you can stay in any part of the world but required to visit Latvia once every year, but applicants can live in Latvia fully if they so wish - and work, carry put a business or study.


  • Right to live in Latvia;
  • EU Residence card within 6 months;
  • Free travel within Schengen;
  • PR or citizenship after 10 years of residency – 5 years of PR;
  • Family members included;


  • Applicant MUST be 18 years and above.
  • Applicant MUST have a clean crime record and can be anyone irrespective of your position in the society.
  • Applicants and dependents MUST also have a valid health insurance and should be truly dependent on the main applicants.
  • It requires an investment of €50,000 euro in a Latvian company, and a €10,000 euro donation into the government of Latvia budget account

Route to Citizenship

Citizenship is possible after living in the country for a reasonable amount of time (between 8 - 10 years)