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United States O-1 Visa

The Bulgarian Residency programme offers two routes to Bulgarian Citizenship. The ‘fast track’ and the ‘slow track’ with both options requiring an initial residency period before the applicant is eligible to apply for citizenship. The applicant do not need to relocate to meet the physical residency requirement.

The first part of the process is for the client to invest a sum of €5120,000 into government bonds. Once the investment is made, the applicant must submit his application to the authorities who will review and process the application. This usually takes around 6 months and if the application is successful the client will be issued with his Bulgarian residency permit.

For the slow-track option, residents can apply for citizenship after a period of 5 years of residency, but they must hold their investment during this period and also during the citizenship application process which takes from 6 months up to a year. This means that the client can obtain citizenship in as little as 6 years after receiving the initial residency permit. Upon being awarded citizenship the investor can resell the government bonds.

Those interested in the fast-track option have the option to make a subsequent investment of €500,000 into government bonds after the first year of residency. This second investment secures immediate eligibility to apply for citizenship.

Since the citizenship application process usually takes 1 year the client can obtain citizenship in as little as two years after they receive the initial residency permit. The applicant must hold the bond for a further 2 years and therefore the minimum period that the bonds need to be held is 4 years.

Considering that government bonds are a secure investment and can be sold at the end of the investment term Bulgaria offers a far more cost money back guarantee than most of the residency by investment programmes.

The O-1 visa is becoming one of the most popular visa being a dual intent visa - It provides one of the most flexible relocations possible. Applicants can relocate with their families and still have the flexibility of traveling back and forth still conducting business in their home countries if they wish until they are ready to make their stay in the U.S more permanent. 

A cursory glance at the classification of the O-1 visa category may scare away some persons with the use of the word "extraordinary" and think this visa is available to only the likes of Wole Soyinka, Justin Beibers and Trevor Noah of this world. The layman's understanding of this visa category is so limited that they abruptly believe they do not qualify, probably one of the reasons it is not as popular in Africa. There is a lack of knowledge with the O-1 visa, and A. D. & Partners will help you achieve this visa category before it becomes overly saturated.