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Portugal D7 Residency Programme

The Portuguese residency permit (also known as D7 Visa) is for those who have the capacity to live on passive income from personal revenues, such as rents, dividends, financial assets, or bank account deposits. For non-EU citizens intending to move to Portugal, this visa constitutes a good alternative to the Golden Visa: No investment is required, the application process is faster than the other Portuguese residency program, and the Government fees are comparatively lower compared to the Golden Visa.

Basic Requirements

Under Portuguese law, the applicant for a Passive Income Residence Visa must show evidence of having a net regular passive income, such as pension, rental, interest, dividend or intellectual property income, that is deemed sufficient to support his/her family aggregate in Portugal. At least €15,000 per year, plus 50% of this amount for the spouse and 30% for each dependent child, is generally deemed sufficient.


  • Right to live in Portugal;
  • Residency issued between 3- 6 months;
  • EU Residence card within 6 months;
  • Free travel within Schengen;
  • PR or citizenship after 5 years of residency;
  • Family members included;

Minimum stay Requirements

The minimum stay requirement is that one does not spend more than 6 consecutive or 8 non-consecutive months out of the country during the validity of each temporary permit, except under duly justified professional, family and social reasons or force major circumstances. I.e.: during the first year, one has to spend at least 4 months in the country, and during each 2-year subsequent period, at least 16 months provided, in each case, that no absence exceeds 6 consecutive months. For the holder of a permanent residence permit, this is increased to a minimum of 6 months per 3-year period, provided no absence exceeds 24 consecutive months. Nevertheless, applicants granted with permanent residence are entitled to request long-term resident status in Portugal as in any EU country, provided that will not be absent from Europe for more than 1 year in a row having to return to Portugal ever 6 years.

Route to Permanent Residency & Citizenship

Subject to passing a basic A2 Level language test, and meeting the minimum stay requirements described above, residents may apply for permanent residency and/or for Portuguese citizenship