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Dominica Citizenship by Investment

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme grants citizenship to investors and their families in exchange for investment in a national fund or real estate.  The Programme grants citizenship for life, and the possibility of passing it on to future generations. Beneficiaries of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme are not liable to taxation in Dominica on any worldwide income unless one decides to reside there; new citizens are also exempt from tax on wealth, inheritance or capital gains tax. 

Citizenship by investment in Dominica is available through two options. The first is by making an economic contribution (donation) to the country under the government’s investor visa programme, while the second is through real estate investment.

Applicants making such a contribution are granted full citizenship for themselves and their family allowing visa free travel to over 152 countries including the UK and the EU Schengen zone.


  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be of good character and have a clean criminal record
  • The applicant is also required to make an investment in Dominica and in this respect, there are two
  • investment options:
    1. A donation to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) of US$100.00 for single applicants
    2. For applications including a spouse,  the minimum investment is US$150.000.
    3. Family applications including spouse and two children under the age of eighteen require a minimum
    4. investment of US$175.000​.
    5. Families with more than two children, must invest US$25,000 for each additional dependent.
  • An investment in a Government-Approved real estate which must have a minimal value of US$200.000 and must be kept for a minimum of three years.  The said property is eligible for resale 5 years from the date of purchase