Get a Residency or Citizenship Solution that Works for You

We provide immigration solutions spanning Europe, the British Isles, and the Americas. There is something for you.

Get a Residency or Citizenship Solution that Works for You

Work with us to expand your business abroad, gaining residency and citizenship pathway for your family.

Get a Residency or Citizenship Solution that Works for You

Take advantage of European and North American immigration pathways with no investment requirements.

Get a Residency or Citizenship Solution that Works for You

Diversify your real estate portfolio, and own yielding properties in secure economies in Europe and the Americas.

Get a Residency or Citizenship Solution that Works for You

Enhance your global mobility by having a dual/mutiple citizenship from europe, oceania and the caribbean with access to over 150 countries visa free.

Benefits of a Second Residency or Citizenship

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should have a second residency and citizenship.

Global Mobility

Enhance the global access you enjoy for business or pleasure. Accessing up to 150 countries without visa applications can become your right.

Economic Stability

Hedge your finances on the global economy other than putting all your eggs in one country; with freedom to diversify your portfolio without restriction.

Risk Management

This legacy offers your family rights across boundaries. The freedom to move and use your rights at will avail the risks of living in any nation.


High quality education is freely available for growing children; enjoy local fees and opportunities as a resident of your choice country.

Wealth Preservation

With inflation ravaging, keep the value of your labour in gold. Global access brings unprecedented opportunity to store value in your choice currency.

Business Freedom

Enjoy freedom to own and control lucrative properties and investments across borders.

About A. D. & Partners

Global Residency & Citizenship Solutions

We at A. D. & Partners are global mobility consultants providing dual citizenship and residency solutions. Our goal is prescribing and executing the best migration pathway to suit your specific need and meet your end goals. This allows our clients enjoy the freedom they need at the best of prices.

We recognize that each and every individual has a unique set of needs and we have therefore created a product portfolio that allows us to cater to different types of clients. Thus, we have operations in 12 countries; spanning Europe and the Americas to fill the diverse needs you may have.

We are rooted in transparency and honesty in our operation, and our true satisfaction comes with seeing our clients enjoy the benefits of true freedom. We are a members of industry’s leading professional association – the INVESTMENT MIGRATION COUNCIL, our integrity is the seed for achievement.

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A. D. & Partners offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of international migration, guided by seasoned professionals. These sessions are tailored to enlighten and guide you through the complex landscape of global mobility, ensuring you're well-equipped to make informed decisions about your future. Engage with us in these insightful and informative gatherings to embark on your journey towards a more globally connected life.




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The top second citizenship and residence programs by investment present better options for high-achieving, forward-thinking people. With us, you can travel further and explore your possibilities.

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